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Tony Khan needs to bring in controversial former WWE figure to AEW, according to Konnan

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The former WCW veteran Konnan weighs in on a controversial former WWE writer possibly being hired as an AEW writer by the company’s President and CEO Tony Khan.

The controversial former WWE figure in question is the veteran wrestling writer and booker Vince Russo. Although Russo is credited for his contributions to the incredible success of the Attitude era, he is also criticized for bad booking, which led to the death of WCW. Regardless, Russo is undoubtedly a veteran in the pro wrestling business.

Meanwhile, a former WCW veteran shared his thoughts on Vince Russo possibly being brought in as a writer by Tony Khan. Many fans on the internet have also given their opinions on the idea of Russo being a writer for the Jacksonville-based promotion.

Speaking on the recent edition of Keepin’ It 100 official podcast, Konnan reflected on the idea of the former WCW World Champion being the writer for Tony Khan’s promotion:

“I said it a million times, give a show to Russo, give a show to Jerry, give a show to whoever, and the one who doesn’t do well you replace them. [From 00:20 to 00:31]

Check out the video below:

Even though Vince Russo has made some questionable booking decisions during his stints with WWE, WCW, and later TNA, many fans believe that he can help AEW in the ratings war.

Disco Inferno also commented on the former WWE writer working for Tony Khan

Former WCW veteran Disco Inferno also expressed his views on Tony Khan hiring Vince Russo as a writer:

“There was one thing Vince was very good at, writing the show. Not a lot of guys were good at writing but Vince always understood threads, and character development, like let’s give somebody a good character development promo here. […] Whoever Tony has there, like if he is writing the show, they are not writing a good show. That’s not progressing or I don’t know.” [From 00:31 to 01:15]

Although Vince Russo and Tony Khan don’t share a great relationship, crazier things have happened, and only time will tell if they ever work together.

If you use any part from the above quotes, please credit Keepin’ it 100 and give an H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription.

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