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Top 10Best Sites like Couchtuner | Couchtuner Alternatives

There are many websites such as Couchtuner which has always been an aid to cinephiles. Whatever the genre movies, music, or documentaries, websites such as Couchtuner provide all your entertainment needs with just one click. In fact, there’s an endless list of websites like Couchtuner.

In this specific section, I will list several websites like Couchtuner to ensure that you don’t lose the pleasure never.

Top 10 Best Sites like Couchtuner

They work the same way as Couchtuner and you will not have any issues using them. I hope that you would like this selection and be able to move past Couchtuner.

1. 123movies


The first site on this list of sites similar to Couchtuner includes 123movies. Don’t get too concerned about the name of the site because it’s nothing like the suspense-drama or anything else. Actually, the challenge is all about getting addicted to this website.

They provide such an extensive databases and collection that it’s hard not to become addicted to it. This is the reason why we have already warned that you should not get into the site too much.

123movies is an entirely movie site , just like Couchtuner. However, its primary focus is on television shows. While you will be able to access your most loved movies on the site. It is free to access and doesn’t require any registration process to sign up prior to accessing.

2. Cucirca


Cucirca can be described as one of the websites similar to Couchtuner which is exclusively dedicated to TV programs exclusively. I am sorry! However, you’ll have to be disappointed here if would like to watch films. However, cheers to all the insane soap opera lovers because you’re now not likely to miss one episode of your most loved shows.

Let’s talk about how the website operate? It’s not that there’s more that you need to make and signing in is not a necessity as well.

But, it’s beneficial to get signed up here as it will notify you about the new episodes being uploaded. However, you won’t be able to be able to view every single show on the site, you can request the show you want or a specific episode, too.

Websites such as Couchtuner are fantastic for keeping an enormous database. Cucirca is among the most popular. Cucirca’s vast collection of TV shows will surprise you with its vast collection. It doesn’t matter if it’s the most recent show or the classic You can find it all there.

The site isn’t perfect access to information due to the fact that it relies on text links , not pictures.

3. The Series Craving


Another crucial addition to this list of sites similar to Couchtuner includes Series Cravings. This site is exactly like its name, and is completely dedicated to Television shows and shows. You can even find decade old programs on this site. This is the best time to revisit all the favorite shows that you have watched but which were cancelled.

First, I’ll tell you that the website is excellent with regards to accessibility and displaying. Every TV show is presented with pictures, to ensure that you are not confused .

When we look at the database, I’m sure that you will discover every TV show you can imagine there. Starting from Game of Thrones to evergreen FRIENDS The site has everything from the old to the new to the most current. They even show the TV schedules for viewers.

This will let you be aware that a specific episode of a program will be available on the website. This means that you don’t need to go back and again to locate the most anticipated episode. The website will not ever want you to quit it when you begin watching the shows on the site.

4. The Series Online


The Series Online is one of the most popular options we can find in this list of websites similar to Couchtuner. It is undisputed the fact that it is one of the most extensive databases, not only for TV series, but movies as well. It is among the most popular movie sites such as Couchtuner.

There are many categories and ideas through which you can categorize films and locate your favorite films within them. It’s really simple and the website is well maintained as well.

Access to the site is extremely comfortable, as all films and TV shows are displayed with images, not just words. This makes the website more appealing and well-organized. It is not mandatory to sign up on the site, but you may choose to sign up to stay kept informed about any new uploads to the website.

In the list of websites such as Couchtuner, The Series Online is definitely a top choice. The series online has films from various countries easily on this site. There are a variety of genres for TV and film shows, which you can explore to gain access.

5. Select TV


The next choice within the same category such as Couchtuner is Select TV. It is the complete package of entertainment that you’ve been looking for. Let me clarify to you that the website is not completely free however it requires just $2 per month to access the particular services.

Select TV doesn’t limit itself to only TV shows and offers a wide selection of radio channels, movies events, games, etc. The website is fantastic and is easy to navigate.

It is mandatory to sign-up on this website to access all the services offered by it. Simply select the type of show or film you’d like to watch, and it will be show up within a matter of minutes. It is definitely superior to any other websites like Couchtuner on this list.

There are thousands of channels to browse on this website. It’s like having your own television but with a much less expensive cable plans. It is possible to save money by using this website. Sign up and you will be able to enjoy a variety of services.

6. Cafe Movie


Cafe Movie is one of these sites, similar to Couchtuner which has a fantastic selection of not just films but also excellent TV shows. When you are on the website, you’ll be amazed by the quality of the site really is.

Let me talk about this website based on the point of view of how impressive and innovative it is. It has everything organized in such a way that there isn’t any chance of confusion. It is essential to sign up to this website as it’s completely free and will be provided with the information you require.

There are some amazing television shows you can stream on this site , and they are available in a variety of languages. It also has classic classics that are timeless and must be added to your list of movies to watch right now. There are a variety of kinds of genres and times that will assist you in narrowing the search to a greater extent.

7. TubiTV


It is impossible to comprehend how amazing the site is, providing continuous entertainment that you can’t even imagine. TubiTV is one of the sites that are not as well-known as Couchtuner in this list . However, TubiTV should be a must for everyone who loves movies with a certainty.

This site functions more as an library where you can watch the best classic films and your most entertaining television shows in peace. It is possible to register at no cost.

In actual fact, you’ll be delighted to learn that TubiTV offers its own app available for Android as well as iOS devices. Isn’t that amazing that you can access numerous features on one site? It’s completely free to use and you are able to watch the most films or other multimedia files as you like.

TubiTV is among the websites similar to Couchtuner where registration is an obligation and, only after completing it you can stream TV and movies on this website. The site is secure and you are not likely to encounter malware on it.

8. ProjectFreeTV


Project Free TV is a site that is focused on television shows exclusively. It’s a site that is like other websites such as Couchtuner. It is however, Project Free TV does offer any streaming links or content for the films on its website. The streaming links remain limited to the TV shows.

In terms of the website, Project Free TV lacks certain serious goals for the site. The website does not have any images and thus the method of presenting content is based on hyperlinks only.

The database, however, is extremely large and comprehensive. This makes up for its old appearance. If we talk about categorization of the shows, I’m sorry to say that no genres are used to divide the television shows. You can however still access well-known and newly uploaded categories.

The site functions as a intermediary between the viewer as well as the other streaming media service. This means that none of the content is owned by the website and all videos come from an alternative source. The site is a good source for watching your most loved TV shows in a simple way.

9. Watch Episode


from The Walking Dead to Game of Thrones, Watch Episode is a website considered to be the best place for fans of TV shows. Signing up on this website isn’t a requirement, and you can watch TV shows online without signing up for the site.

In this list of sites such as Couchtuner, I’ve almost all of the top sites in this class. Watch-Episode has nothing new that could enthrall viewers. However, the website is maintained well and makes it easy to gain access to it.

It has a segment called Top 10. The section highlights the top TV shows on a every day. If you love watching shows on TV from every era, this section may be the right one for you.

The greatest benefit of websites like Couchtuner allows you to stream the most classic and old television shows on these sites. Some of the shows that are uploaded can be as old as the 1960s. This website is an excellent opportunity to dig into the passion of yours for classic TV shows from the past.

10. CMoviesHD


The last option from this group of sites similar to Couchtuner includes Cmovieshd. Cmovieshd is a site that gets little, but is maintained well. You will surely be hooked when you begin searching for media files via this website.

Do not take its name too seriously as this site doesn’t just have television shows but also movies as well. It means that browsing the site can be twice as enjoyable. There’s not one latest film that hasn’t been uploaded on this website yet. They even try to upload movies when they are to air.

There are many genres such as comedy, action, biography crime, family, and more. that you can choose the films from. There are adult-oriented content that are available on this site.

This is the ideal place to explore and develop your passion for TV and film at.


Sites such as Couchtuner are not more than a treasure trove for those who love movies. Many people is able to afford Netflix and therefore, such sites are a boon for users. The free access allows users to access any media content they like.

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