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People beg for my skincare secret – the cheapest, easiest part of my routine

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A WOMAN in her mid-30s shared the skincare secret that people have been begging her to reveal.

She explained that the cheapest and easiest part of her skincare routine was the most important part to staying youthful.

Christie, a skincare influencer, explained why she used sunscreen daily


Christie, a skincare influencer, explained why she used sunscreen dailyCredit: TikTok/ ckanani

Christie (@ckanani) shared the beauty advice video with her TikTok followers.

“The cheapest and easiest anti-aging skincare essential for every single human, regardless of age, skin type, gender identity, etc.,” she said.

“I’ve worn sunscreen everyday for a decade, regardless of whether or not I’m in the sun. You should too, and here’s a detailed explanation why! It’s one of my top skincare tips to slow down aging.”

She explained that while the importance of sunscreen was common knowledge, most people don’t seem to understand why they need to wear it every day.

Even on cloudy days, she added that she wore sunscreen religiously.

“The reason for that is there are two types of rays from the sun. There are UVA rays and UVB rays. UVB rays are the the rays that will burn you,” she said.

“The A rays are the rays that cause wrinkles. UVA rays year-round are pretty much the same strength. I’m just as likely to get aged in this sunlight compared to being out in the pool in the summer.”

She explained that unlike UVB rays, UVA rays can also penetrate through glass and flourescent bulbs.

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“So while I’m not going to get sunburned sitting in my house even on a sunny day, I am still going to get wrinkles unless I’m sitting in a dark, pitch-black room,” she said.

Even for those who were unconcerned with anti-aging prevention, she urged to wear sunscreen consistently.

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“If you’re not worried about aging, I think that’s beautiful of you but you should still be worried about skin cancer at least so I think you should still wear sunscreen every day,” she said.

For an easy-to-use, cosmetically elegant sunscreen, she recommended the $18 Beauty of Joseon sun cream.

“The reason I love this one is aside from being super affordable, it is really moisturizing but super lightweight,” she said.

“I have very dry skin so normally when someone says something is lightweight I end up hating it but this is genuinely lightweight while still being moisturizing.”

The mid-30s influencer shared an $18 sunscreen that she said was lightweight and mosturizing


The mid-30s influencer shared an $18 sunscreen that she said was lightweight and mosturizingCredit: TikTok/ ckanani

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