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WWE Star Lexis King’s Nephew Honored For Preventing Planned School Shooting – Wrestling Inc.

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Whether it was in AEW as Brian Pillman Jr. or his current run on WWE’s “NXT” brand, Lexis King has done plenty to get himself noticed within wrestling. He’s not the only member of the Pillman family in the news, however, as his nephew recently made waves for helping to prevent a terrible tragedy.

Taking to X on Monday afternoon, King retweeted an announcement regarding a 15-year-old Cincinnati native who will be receiving the National Student Hero Award for helping to prevent a school shooting at Cincinnati’s Mariemont High School. King confirmed the 15-year-old was his nephew, Jackson Swallen, expressing pride in him and stating that the moment was proof that Swallen had the genes of his late grandfather, King’s father Brian Pillman Sr.

A local news report from WCPO 9 Cincinnati revealed that Swallen, referred to as Boom Swallen, learned of the potential threat when a 14-year-old classmate told him of a plan to attack students and faculty at Mariemont High last Tuesday. Despite his own life being threatened should he tell anyone, Swallen informed his father, who contacted the police. The potential shooter, who has yet to be identified, was arrested one day later and has since been charged with “conspiracy to commit aggravated murder.”  He is said to have planned the shooting with an “out-of-state adult,” including coming up with a kill list.

No date was given for when Swallen will receive his award, which will be given to him by the Uvalde Foundation for Kids. Based out of St. Temple, Texas, the foundation’s tagline on its website states that it is “dedicated to ending the spread of school violence in American schools.”

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