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WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash Discusses Eddie Kingston Vs. Bryan Keith On AEW Collision – Wrestling Inc.

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It was an eventful last week for Kevin Nash, who found himself in a bit of hot water following his comments regarding the lawsuit/investigation surrounding Vince McMahon, who has been accused of sex trafficking and abuse. This week, Nash turned his attention back to the pro wrestling ring, particularly an “AEW Collision” match from over a week ago.

That match was none other than Eddie Kingston vs. Bryan Keith, which saw Kingston defeat Keith, followed by Keith being officially announced as “ALL ELITE” in the aftermath. During the latest episode of “Kliq This,” Nash appeared to be mixed on the bout. On the one hand, he praised its physicality, calling it a dog fight, and praising the performance of Kingston. At the same time, Nash at times almost seemed to be mocking the match, even comparing it to past criticisms he received in the ring.

“I like Kingston’s…selling, I like his registering,” Nash said. “I’ve never not liked him. I’ve always thought…early, this guy he was working with was nervous. I think that Eddie was having to pull this match out of him. One of my favorites was when they battled down to knees and the guy gives Kingston the headbutt spot. They do the headbutt spot, then Kingston open hand smacks him. He does the ‘I’m not selling the headbutt,’ and Kingston just open-hand smacks the dogs**t out of him…I was accused of having five moves. I think there was three in this match. So, I guess in today’s modern age AEW, I’d be Verne Gagne.”

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