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Piranha ‘unmasked’ as Coronation Street star by Masked Singer fans

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THE Masked Singer’s Piranha has certainly made a splash with fans.

Ever since his first performance on the wacky ITV show, many viewers have been convinced they know who is behind the mask.

Fans think it's been confirmed which celebrity is behind Piranha


Fans think it’s been confirmed which celebrity is behind PiranhaCredit: ITV
Fans think the fishy character is former Corrie star Shayne Ward


Fans think the fishy character is former Corrie star Shayne Ward
The actor and singer won The X Factor in 2005


The actor and singer won The X Factor in 2005Credit: Rex Features

Hailed by the judges as one of the “best singers of the series”, Piranha as become a viewer favourite on The Masked Singer.

His fishy tale has got everyone guessing, with fans convinced they know who underneath the elaborate costume.

So far, Piranha has managed to keep their identity a secret.

But following the latest episode of The Masked Singer, fans have got a brand new theory about who they think the funny fish is.

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This time they think Coronation Street star Shayne Ward is underneath the blue costume.

As well as being an actor, the talented star is also a singer, and actually won The X Factor in 2005.

Now fans think Shayne is back on TV, and is The Masked Singer’s Piranha.

Taking to X/Twitter one said: “I’m going for Shayne Ward as Pirahna. Won X-Factor in 2005 and was in Corrie.”

While another added: “He won X Factor in 2005 and he was born in 1983 which makes him an millennial.”

This one said: “I am now convinced Shayne Ward is Piranha!”

Piranha has delivered some great performances since making his debut in week two, when he belted out a stunning rendition of Celine Dion’s It’s All Coming Back To Me Now.

Since then he has lent his voice to songs by the likes of Bruno Mars, Michael Bolton and Kelly Clarkson.

So far Piranha has left the judging panel baffled, but they have been enthralled by his performances.

The judges – Davina McCall, Mo Gilligan, Jonathan Ross, and Rita Ora – have made several unsuccessful guesses.

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The names they have put forward are Jamie Cullum, Jordan Knight, and Sting.

Jonathan joked that it could be American actor Steven Seagal due to Piranha’s pronunciation of “Seagull”, but admitted he had no idea.

Rita said Piranha was one of the best vocalists they had on the show, and wondered if it was jazz-pop singer Jamie Cullum.

While Davina joked that her initial guess was Yvette Fielding, but wondered if it was US singer Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block, and Mo thought it could be British singer Sting.

Before Shayne was thrown into the hat, most of viewers thought Piranha is Danny Jones from McFly.

They say he was “rumbled” thanks to clues about his wife being a former Miss England winner (the map without England on it), McFly’s album Motion in the Ocean, and him singing a Michael Bolton song in reference to Danny being from Bolton.

The band have also both played the Royal Albert Hall and won a Brit Award, which were also clues.

Writing on social media, one fan said: “Piranha = Danny Jones from Mcfly (sounds like him and also does that Mcfly jump at the end!)”

Another tweeted: “Danny’s voice is easy to point out and I can hear his Bolton accent when piranha speaks.”

Someone else wrote: “If Danny Jones isn’t Piranha, I’ll chuck all my McFly CDs away… you can’t deny that voice!”

And a fourth added: “I would know that voice anywhere!!”

However, earlier in the competition, fans were convinced Piranha was Zayn Malik.

One wrote: “I dunno why I hear Zayn Malik.”

Another said: “I really believe that its Zayn Malik.”

While this one tweeted: “I’m convinced this is Zayn.”

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