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Eric Bischoff Predicts This WWE Star Will Disgust His Family At WrestleMania 40 – Wrestling Inc.

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Eric Bischoff feels that The Rock may side with Cody Rhodes eventually after learning about how Roman Reigns has betrayed his family.

“Rock sees that, he remembers what his family is and what they represent to him, and their legacy, and is embarrassed, for lack of a better term, by what Roman does. Rock sees the attributes in Cody, and eventually — I don’t know how it comes together — but Rock acknowledges Cody for being right, and for standing up for his family, and doing it as a better man,” Bischoff said. “That’s the story I see. Literally thinking out loud.”

Many fans have pointed out Reigns’ uncharacteristic obedience during his time beside Johnson. Reigns was uninvolved in the verbal altercations that erupted after Johnson slapped Rhodes, and was seen walking beside or slightly behind Johnson in videos released post  the press conference. Bischoff noticed and acknowledged Reigns’ new shyness.

“He did get lost in the shadow. There’s no question about it,” Bischoff stated. “I don’t know how that he wouldn’t in this scenario, given everything that has led up to this press conference.”

With the looming themes of family and an imminent fall from grace for Reigns, Rhodes has been made a third man in his own story. Bischoff assuaged those fears and was confident in a net gain for Rhodes heading into WrestleMania 40.

“I think this is going to turn out absolutely fantastic for Cody — better than originally planned,” Bischoff concluded.

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