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Booker T Discusses Former Tag Partner Sting’s Swansong In AEW – Wrestling Inc.

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Sting teamed with Darby Allin last week and won the AEW Tag Team titles — his first title in his AEW run. The veteran star wrestled in a hard-fought match against Ricky Starks and Big Bill, pulling out all the stops despite his age. Booker T explained how certain moves hurt a lot more when you get older, which he discussed while referring to a nasty spot that the Sting had in the tag team match.

“I’m going to tell you right now, it was gnarly, bro,” Booker T said. “For him to take that, I was like, man! Because one thing about gravity, it pulls that way just naturally, but as you get older it pulls a lot harder. For instance, when you see one of these young guys do that same jump off that ledge, they gonna get some air. When you’re older, you just want to land. You just want to get off it, then let gravity do the rest. You don’t want to try to add anything to it.” 

He recalled how he had to remove the drop kick from his arsenal of moves as he got older, as the impact of the landing hurt him. 

“When I got older, like 45, the landings from that drop kick off the top rope was a whole lot stiffer than it was at 35 and 25. I was like, ‘Man, let me throw this move out,’ because I just knew it hurt me when I did it,” recalled Booker T.

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