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Body language expert reveals the key clues that it’s is ‘love at first sight’

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IT’s a trope used in almost every cheesy rom-com and romance novel: a couple lock eyes from across the room with them instantly falling in love.

Whilst it sounds too good to be true, body language Judi James expert has revealed that it’s not only real but there are key signs you need to look out for.

The eyes have it, according to body language experts and a new study by Specsavers


The eyes have it, according to body language experts and a new study by SpecsaversCredit: Getty
Over 70 per cent of Brits believe in love a first sight


Over 70 per cent of Brits believe in love a first sightCredit: Alamy

She isn’t the only one who believes in love at first sight, according to a new study by Specsavers – which surveyed 2,000 adults.

Though we are more reliant on dating apps nowadays, a whopping 70 per cent of respondents still believed in love at first sight.

Heart-warmingly, 59 per cent of relationships also begin with love at first sight and those that stayed together, were paired up for 18 years or more.

Those who were struck by Cupid’s arrow also reported feeling butterflies in their stomach (35%) or at ease with the person (31%).

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder it seems, as 47 per cent also said that they felt an overwhelming attraction to their partner and 36 per cent claimed that weren’t able to take them when they first met.

In fact, good eye contact is key to meeting you perfect match it seems as over half of those surveyed (64%) said that eyes are often the biggest indicator someone is falling in love.

Body language expert Judi James also claims that it’s in the eyes, with her revealing that there are impossible-to-avoid visual cues when we fall in love at first sight.

She claims that ‘peek-a-boo behaviour’ is one of the most obvious clues, with singletons being compelled to look away before sneaking a second glance.

This happens even to the most extrovert of us, with people becoming suddenly coy when they fall for someone after a single look.

Often, this second look will come with other body language like lowering your chin, blushing, or giggling.

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If you do give the look of love, expect physiological responses like your mouth drying out as well as your breathing becoming shallow and quicker.

Judi even explained why this is, telling press: “Love at first sight happens when a hugely complex, computer-like process occurs in a matter of seconds, coming up with the emotional equivalent of a jackpot.”

“But without doubt, most of the symptoms of love at first sight are created via the eyes – it starts and sometimes ends with the eye connection,” She continued.

“We fall in love because our eye speak to each other in a complex way that we often don’t even understand ourselves.”

Judi added: “The phrase ‘their eyes met across a crowded room’ is more than just a cliché, it really does happen.”

Working with Specsavers , the experts have even come up with a list of classic signs to look out for – just so you don’t miss out on the one.

Seems like you have no excuse not to have a date for Valentine’s Day now.


Expert Judi James breaks down the tell-tale body language you need to watch out for.

DISTANCE MIRRORING – If you’re at a party or bar with friends, and you spot someone mirroring your pace and style of movement as you are chatting, this is a sign that they are falling in love at first sight.

PREENING – This might not be obvious peacocking behaviour like chest-puffing or splaying, but some subtle, lingering touches to their hair, neck or shoulders could also be an indicator of their interest in you.

THE EYE FLICK – The best flirtation signals are when they’re listening to you talk. Eye contact when you are talking, paired with their eyes flicking down to your lips and back to your eyes is another indicator of their interest in you, and could even be a cue for a kiss.

THE ‘IGNORE’ – If they are engaged through eye contact for several minutes, then suddenly sit back and start looking around the room, they might be trying to regain your attention. This cat-and-mouse flirt ritual could be a sign that they are interested in you.

THE CAT SMILE – Cats smile with their eyes and so can you. If someone is allowing their eyes to narrow and crinkle slightly in an eye smile, this softened expression registers flattering approval and attraction – it might be a sign that they are attracted to you and maybe falling in love at first sight.

THE EYE DRAG – When you are looking at them and they begin responding with eye contact, if they are dropping their eyes and chin downward for a second or two, and then bringing them up while reinstating the eye contact and smiling softly, this is a strong indicator of their interest and maybe something even deeper.

Could eye contact be the key to finding true love?


Could eye contact be the key to finding true love?Credit: Alamy

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