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5 things that might be making your home look cheaper

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If you’re going for a clean, expensive aesthetic in your home, there are a few no-go’s that you should not be doing as they can make your home look and feel cheaper. We’re all guilty of at least one of these things that make a space look and feel a little less chic:

Flatpack furniture

Swap out the furniture that still needs to be assembled at home – often, flatpack furniture is the more affordable option but it is not as durable as many quality secondhand items that you could find on Facebook Marketplace. For the same budget and a bit of sleuthing, you can find real gems that are better in quality and that bring interest to your space.


Mass produced art

Ditch the prints and posters that are sold at major retailers – everybody has them, and they can become kitsch. If you want your space to look and feel unique to you, invest in one-of-a-kind art pieces. This doesn’t need to set you back tens of thousands. Many local artists sell batch prints (only a few of the same prints exist) for affordable prices, and you may even find a unique piece that you love on your next trip to the thrift shop.

Small rug

When you’ve got a large, open space paired with a rug that is not big enough to fit the space, it can end up looking non-cohesive, and like the space isn’t being fully utilised. The Big Lebowski wasn’t wrong when they said that a rug can really tie a room together – ensure that you’re buying the right size for your floor.


Furniture sets

We’ve got nothing against a chic garden set or a minimalist lounge suite, there is a place for some sets. However, when you’re buying a ‘loud’ set – and by this we mean anything with prints, patterns, or detailing – you may be crowding your space with too much of one pattern which drowns out the value of the other elements of your home. Keep it simple if you’re investing in a set of any sort.

Empty alcohol bottles as decor

This should be a given. Every re-used bottle or jar does have its place and can come in handy for storage, but your leftover coffee jars and wine bottles don’t need to be on display. This instantly downgrades the look and feel of a space. Instead, opt for an ornate vase or candle holder. Leave the jars and bottles in the pantry.


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