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WWE’s Damian Priest Clarifies Why He Hasn’t Tried To Cash In Recently On Seth Rollins – Wrestling Inc.

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The WWE Universe has been patiently waiting to see when Damian Priest will cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase, and there has been confusion as of late as to why he hasn’t attacked the currently injured Seth Rollins. However, The Judgment Day star has now cleared that up, explaining exactly why he hasn’t targeted the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

“I’m based on Raw. Being that Seth Rollins is the champion, unfortunately, he’s not medically cleared. I can’t cash in right now,” Priest revealed to “West Sport.” “Officially, he can’t be in a match. I kind of have to wait until he’s cleared, or if I find myself on the other show, it’d be different.”

Roman Reigns is currently having to deal with Cody Rhodes attempting to finish his story at his expense, and he is someone else who Priest could cash in on. However, while Priest has teased using his contract on Rollins, he has yet to even attempt it with the “Tribal Chief,” noting that he’s currently biding his time.

“That champion [Roman Reigns] is not really around all the time either,” Priest said. “I still have until July 1. I have plenty of time. I don’t want to risk doing something that I shouldn’t. Five times, I’ve attempted, but didn’t cash in. I’d rather that than a failed cash-in. I’m just being extra careful right now. This is not going to go to waste. In my head, I have to become World Champion, whether it’s on Raw or SmackDown.” While he is being careful about when he executes his plan, Priest also teases the idea of cashing in around WrestleMania weekend, which he claims is always an exciting time.

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