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Why Eric Bischoff Is Feeling ‘Neutral’ About Mercedes Mone’s Reported AEW Debut – Wrestling Inc.

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Mercedes Mone is likely to debut for All Elite Wrestling at “AEW Big Business,” putting an end to long-running rumor and speculation. On the latest “Strictly Business,” WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff said that the amount of build-up to the announcement has drained the life from Mone’s inevitable debut.

“I’m kinda neutral on it. There’s been so much chatter about this and little teases here and there…so there’s no reason to try and orchestrate any kind of surprise,” Bischoff explained. Unless Mercedes debuts before the big “AEW Big Business” event set for March 13, Bischoff doesn’t feel there will be much surprise by her debut at the event in Boston, MA. “That being said, we’ll see. I’m happy for her. I don’t know Mercedes at all…She’s a great performer. She’s accomplished a lot. She’s young. She’s got an amazing career ahead of her potentially, I think, in the ring, out of the ring.”

Bischoff says the debut will undoubtedly be a positive one for AEW’s morale, both for the fans and the wrestlers, but he is worried that Mone will be debuting in a malnourished division.

“There are no real patterns, [Tony Khan] is all over the board. I think it will mean whatever it means to Tony in the moment, but I don’t think there’s any predictions here. Could it be a sign that…Tony has recognized that we’ve heard and read that the women’s division is underserved?” Bischoff wonder. The former WCW President believes the AEW Women’s Locker Room has solid talent but not enough focus or spotlight, leading to superb talents like Britt Baker underwhelming. “Let’s do something to add another dimension to an otherwise stale product.”

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