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Ty Dolla Sign Enjoys “Vultures 1” Success, Reaches Massive Streaming Accolade

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Everyone’s talking about the new album Vultures in regards to its most popular artist, Kanye West. Even though a lot of the project sounds like it came from him and is oriented around his status, it’s a collab album. A big issue with our coverage of this LP -– and that of most publications, for that matter -– is that we might not have properly taken the time to give Ty Dolla $ign his flowers. Say what you will about his association with Ye’s antisemitism, but he is the glue that holds Vultures together, and is its most consistently great force. Fortunately, based on the numbers, the 41-year-old is definitely getting his due praise.

Moreover, a new report emerged suggesting that Ty Dolla Sign is now the ninth most streamed artist on Spotify. Apparently, this reflects a jump of 155 spots from before Vultures had released on the platform after a long wait, which is an amazing feat. Given the discrepancy between his popularity and that of Kanye West, we’re glad that this opportunity at least put him on the spotlight in a way that would boost his visibility, his numbers, and his acclaim. No matter what on God’s green Earth is going on during any given album cut, you can bet on the Los Angeles native to deliver a strong chorus or melodic line.

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Ty Dolla Sign Goes Up With The Release Of Vultures

What’s more is that his emotion and perspective also shines through in a very engaging and compelling way. For example, Ty Dolla Sign’s half on the track “Talking,” plus the music video, shows his dedication and passion as a father. Contrasted with the wild statements that Kanye West espouses, this gets to the heart of their collaborative project in a much more clear and unencumbered way. As such, he’s definitely a saving grace on Vultures for those looking for something deeper, although we have to give the production its due credit, too.

If you’re interested in who else made this album what it is, you can find the features and production credits here. Do you think that the rap-R&B artist is worty of this praise and success? Let us know what you thought about him on Vultures down in the comments section below. As always, for more news and the latest updates on Ty Dolla Sign, stay logged into HNHH.

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