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Nonprofit supports young girls in Chicago with ‘Boxes of LOV’

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CHICAGO — A Bronzeville nonprofit is back again this year, providing self-confidence to young girls with its “boxes of LOV.”

For more than a decade, Ladies of Virtue has been mentoring girls across Chicago. 

It is a nonprofit that was founded by Jamila Trimuel in 2011 to serve girls ages 9 through 18. It is dedicated to empowering them to take charge and be leaders in their lives.

“We want our girls to know they are seen, heard and loved,” Trimuel said.

Each Valentine’s Day the organization passes out the boxes to participants. The boxes include teddy bears, beauty products and positive messages to keep the girls moving forward.

The “LOV boxes” are handed out over several days near Valentine’s Day and Black History Month.

Trimuel gathered a group of dedicated volunteers on a weekend morning to pack 700 hundred of the boxes. 

“Black girls have the highest rate of discipline, highest suspension rates and so girls do need that mentorship. They need that leadership development,” Trimuel said. “One thing we do differently is that we incorporate mental health in all of our programming, so girls can talk about how to manage their emotions. So they can talk about the things going on in their life in a safe space and a healing environment.”

Once they are packed, they’re given out.

“We are pouring into them. Letting them know that they’re beautiful. That they’re powerful. That we care about them,” Trimuel said.

Visit the Ladies of Virtue website for more information on the nonprofit.

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