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Mick Foley Reflects On The Pressure He Felt For WWE WrestleMania Match – Wrestling Inc.

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Mick Foley has been involved in several high-profile WWE WrestleMania matches throughout his career, but he admitted there was a “ton of pressure” on him heading into WrestleMania 20, where he teamed with The Rock to take on Evolution in a handicap match. “I’m walking there with The Rock, who at that point was one of the biggest stars in the world, now he’s the biggest star, but 20 years ago he was certainly one of the biggest stars,” he said on “Foley Is Pod.” Then you have the Nature Boy, who is killing it, he’s on, and I just felt suddenly overwhelmed. It’s Madison Square Garden, I hadn’t wrestled in five months. 

Foley revealed he worked hard for six months to get into the best shape possible, attempting to drop 70 pounds to be ready for the encounter. However, while he felt prepared on the cardio machines in the gym, he was gassed early in the match. While Foley thinks Rock was good in the match, it isn’t one Foley himself takes too much personal pride in.

“The idea of playing it safe and playing not to lose, nobody succeeds by playing not to lose. It’s the worst way to compete at anything. I should’ve put it out there and I should’ve taken my swings,” he said. “It was good, I’ve heard it was good, but I’ve not watched it in its entirety, because I don’t want to watch something that I know I didn’t put everything I had into.”

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