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Lakewood woman cited for passing school bus: Bay Village Police Blotter

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Bay Village, Ohio

Drugs, Bradley Road

On Feb. 3 a suspicious person was reported in the area. A man was reportedly stumbling and pacing back and forth. After speaking with the man, it was learned that he was in the area for a meeting, but was very evasive in his answers. The man consented to a search of his person. As a result of the search, officers found suspected drug paraphernalia with suspected drug residue. The man admitted the drug was methamphetamine. The 39-year-old Vermillion resident was cited.

Bay Village police cruiser

Bay Village Police

Fraud, Huntington Wood Parkway

On Feb. 2 a resident reported he had entered into a contract with a builder in August 2023 to complete some renovations to his house. The builder took a down payment and began the project, but never finished it. The last contact the resident had with the builder was in October. A report was taken on the incident and forwarded to the prosecutor for a ruling.

Violation, Lake Road

On Feb. 1 a Bay Village City Schools bus driver reported someone had passed his stopped school bus with the stop sign deployed and lights flashing while discharging students. After watching the video of the incident, and a brief investigation, the driver was identified. The 28-year-old Lakewood resident was cited.

Theft, Cahoon Road

On Jan. 31 a resident reported someone had used her personal information to open up a credit card account. She discovered this when the cards were sent to her house. She was able to cancel the account before any charges could be made.

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