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Forget crunches — this 6-move dumbbell workout strengthens your core and builds full-body muscle

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It’s a winning workout when you can strengthen your core and build full body muscle all in one session. We’ve found one that ticks both boxes, and all you need is a set of dumbbells to try it out yourself.

You’ll want to pick a pair of dumbbells that you feel confident lifting in a variety of exercises. Or, if you own a pair of the best adjustable dumbbells at home then set the weight to a lighter setting, and then you can always add on weight depending on how much of a pump you want.

If you often incorporate free weights into your core training then it’s likely you know many of the best dumbbell ab exercises. But what makes this workout built by fitness trainer Britany Williams a little different is that you will be activating the core muscles while performing compound exercises. This means you will engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, leading to improved overall strength and functional fitness. 

What is the workout? 

There are six dumbbell exercises to complete in this workout. The aim is to complete 10 reps of each or 8 reps per side for the moves that target one side of the body at a time. Williams suggests repeating the routine three times over, allowing yourself 60 to 90 seconds to rest between rounds. 

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