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Dear Annie: How do I warn my son about his girlfriend before they get engaged?

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Dear Annie: My son has been dating a woman for three years. They have been living together for two of those years. From the beginning, my gut told me that this woman is not right for my son, but I’ve worked hard to be kind to her for his sake. My husband and I recently FaceTimed them, and we both noticed how the girlfriend sat behind him and mockingly laughed at my son. My husband confronted her during the conversation, to which she promptly clammed up. My husband and mother have both expressed their reservations about this woman, confirming that I’m not just an overinvolved mother.

Annie, how do I respectfully alert my son to our misgivings about this woman? Since there is a good chance they will get engaged this year, I’m afraid time is ticking! — Time is Ticking

Dear Ticking: Mocking is never OK, and you have every right to be concerned. Take your son out to lunch and see how he is doing. Don’t bring up his girlfriend at all; just check in with him and see how he is feeling. At the end of the day, your son can marry who he wants, but you do have the right to be concerned if she is being mean to him.

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