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Aquaman star Jason Momoa’s priceless bike collection including £28k EV Harley

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AQUAMAN star Jason Momoa is well-known for his love of motorcycles and has built a stunning collection – including a £28,000 electric Harley and a chopper complete with a machete holder.

The actor, 44, has even incorporated some of his passion for bikes into his film roles, with his Fast and Furious character blitzing through action sequences on two wheels in the franchise’s latest film, Fast X.

Aquaman star Jason Momoa is renowned for his love of motorcycles


Aquaman star Jason Momoa is renowned for his love of motorcyclesCredit: Instagram/@prideofgypsies
He has a particular passion for vintage Harley Davidsons


He has a particular passion for vintage Harley DavidsonsCredit: Instagram/@prideofgypsies
He even rode on the brand's bikes in the latest Fast & Furious film


He even rode on the brand’s bikes in the latest Fast & Furious filmCredit: AP

While the Harley Davidson Pan America he used is as cutting edge as it gets, Momoa’s personal stable includes some time-honoured classics.

King of Vintage

His collection includes Harley's greatest hits of the 20th Century


His collection includes Harley’s greatest hits of the 20th CenturyCredit: Instagram/@prideofgypsies

Momoa seems to have a real taste for the golden era of motorcycling, with a range of custom vintage models stored at his home.

The first is a 1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead, named due to the unusual shape of its overhead valve covers.

Classic Harleys are separated into eras based on the shape of their engines, with the Knucklehead being the brand’s third generation of machines.

Momoa’s is from the very first year of production as it ran alongside the iconic Flathead.

Variants from 1937 and 1939 also appear in his collection.

Another top-class bike is his 1956 Panhead, the generation after the Knucklehead and equally legendary in Harley’s history, which he named Mabel.

He told Men’s Journal: Mabel was the first bike I ever had.

“She was a ’56 panhead with a ’48 front end. I named her after my grandmother.

“I appreciate the artists who build and work on them.

Extremely rare 1908 Harley-Davidson sells for nearly £800,000 – making it the most expensive motorbike EVER

“Also, Knuckleheads and Panheads are pretty simple bikes—they’re not too difficult to work on.”

Even earlier than those, though, is his 1916 Model J, one of the manufacturer’s original racing models before they pivoted to the world of mile-munching, big-engined cruisers.

Razor Sharp

One of his bikes has a built-in machete sheath


One of his bikes has a built-in machete sheathCredit: Instagram

One of the more bizarre aspects of Momoa’s collection is a heavily modded Harley chopper, which includes an intimidating extra feature.

A video from the Hawaiian actor’s Instagram shows him kickstarting the beige bike and revving it hard before reaching behind him to reveal a long sheath built into the backrest of the seat.

From it, he pulled a long knife, which he brandished as he chuckled and let the engine roar.

Timeline of Harley Davidson Engines

  1. F-Head (1911-29)
  2. Flathead (1929-73)
  3. Knucklehead (1936-47)
  4. Panhead (1948-65)
  5. Shovelhead (1966-84)
  6. Evolution (1984-99)
  7. Twin Cam (1999-2006)
  8. Revolution (2001-2017)
  9. Milwaukee Eight a.k.a Wafflehead (2017-present)
  10. LiveWire EV (2020-present)

Harley EV



NINTCHDBPICT000878043616Credit: Twitter/@HarleyDavidsonCanada

However, it’s not all decade-old machines with Momoa, with the 2020 Harley LiveWire adding a refreshing modern touch to his lineup.

The brand’s first all-electric creation, the £28,000 LiveWire glides silently along even at its 110mph top speed.

Its design borrows from the “brutish” styling of its Sportster S model, with a more racing-orientated riding position and lower rake angle, it looks sleeker than some of the bulkier touring models.

However, instead of Harley’s Revolution Max petrol engine, the LiveWire’s beating heart is a whirring 10.5 kWh battery pack, with a range of 86 miles between charges.

Momoa said: “I’ve put the most hardcore bikers on this electric motorcycle.

“Guys who are, like, no way—and they come back smiling like little kids.”

Most of Momoa's bikes are in the chopper style


Most of Momoa’s bikes are in the chopper styleCredit: Instagram/@wiscospeedshop
Including the custom bikes, the collection is likely to be priceless


Including the custom bikes, the collection is likely to be pricelessCredit: Instagram

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