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‘A senseless act of violence’: Residents on edge after man found shot to death in Little Village

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CHICAGO — An investigation is underway after a man was found shot to death in an alley on the city’s Southwest Side early Saturday morning.

According to Chicago police, the victim was located just before 7 a.m. in the 3600 block of West 26th Street.

Officers said the victim suffered gunshot wounds to his head and back and was pronounced dead on the scene.

The gruesome discovery has put some residents in the area on edge.

“This is the third body we have in the alley and it is concerning to the residents,” Little Village Community Council President Baltazar Enriquez said.

Enriquez said it is a pattern that he worries is becoming all too common.

“Little Village is a hard-working community and people start to work at three in the morning,” Enriquez said. “So one of our vendors called, who sells tamales right where they found the body, around five in the morning to let me know this was happening.”

In two separate cases in 2023, Chicago police found the bodies of two young women that had been dumped in an alley in the neighborhood.

Another lifeless body was also found back in January in the same neighborhood.

“Two, three weeks ago we found the body of a Guatemalan man that was going to work. He was shot,” Enriquez said. “Now we find it right near our office.”

Enriquez’s office is just down the block from Saturday’s crime scene, near West 26th Street and South Millard Avenue.

It is located in the heart of the city’s Mexican-Anmerican shopping community, where police could be seen photographing potential evidence.

Enriquez said he worries these types of actions are creating a bad reputation for his neighborhood and scaring community members.

“The street vendors are out early in the morning,” Enriquez said. “It’s kind of traumatizing for them, to see this going on.”

According to Enriquez, he hopes police can do a better job alerting residents about these types of cases, so they know if there’s an imminent threat or if it is an isolated incident.

“What we’re asking for. For there to be more communication between CPD and us so we can help with tips,” Enriquez said.

Alderman Michael Rodriguez (22nd Ward) said the discovery has sparked some anxiety and worry.

“It’s still a senseless act of violence and the body being dumped in my community down the street from my where children lived is certainly disquieting and problematic,” Rodriguez said.

According to Rodriguez, he believes the man likely wasn’t shot in the area where he was later found.

“We do believe, given some video evidence and some other evidence, that this occurred at another location,” Rodriguez said.

Police say they are still working to determine the circumstances surrounding the victim’s death and say no arrests have been made.

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