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WWE’s Maryse Reveals Pre-Cancer Diagnosis, Will Need Surgery – Wrestling Inc.

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WWE’s Maryse Mizanin — wife and sometimes onscreen companion to The Miz — took to social media to announce a pre-cancer diagnosis that will require surgery. The former Divas Champion confirmed on Instagram she had undergone a biopsy on tissue removed from her uterus and ovaries which had all been returned as borderline tumors. Maryse said she will undergo a full hysterectomy surgery in four weeks, as well as having her abdominal lymph nodes prepared for staging. “All 11 implants came back as serious borderline tumors,” Maryse explained, “A very rare pre-cancer of the ovaries. Very sneaky and aggressive. If those became cancer, the survival rate is less than a year.” 

Maryse said she is remaining positive and is determined to beat her diagnosis, “There is only one option and it’s winning this battle. As a mom of two young daughters, I have to.” Earlier in the post, Maryse detailed what had led to her eventual diagnosis. She said she’d been suffering from severe abdominal distention and swelling, receiving multiple rounds of antibiotics to no avail. All the while, her symptoms became chronic despite no diagnosis from various other doctors, and she said she was told it was likely hormones or allergies. According to Maryse, it was seeing Dr. Thais Aliabadi that set her on the right road to treatment. With that in mind, she shared a message to women who may find themselves in a similar position.

“Women get so conditioned to believe that it is normal to suffer, most often in silence. Told to stop being a crybaby. That it must be hormonal imbalances, just anxiety or just all in your head. This is not normal. This cycle has to be broken. If you get dismissed by your doctor, go see a new one until you get the help you need. Advocacy is the key. Advocate for yourself and keep pushing. Follow your instincts. Never underestimate your gut feelings.”

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