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Three easy ways to wash your car in freezing temperatures to remove grit

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A MOTORIST has shared three ways to make washing your car in freezing temperatures more bearable.

The YouTube video shared by AMMO NYC has caused a stir – racking up more than 450,000 views.

A man shared his top tips for cleaning a car in winter


A man shared his top tips for cleaning a car in winterCredit: AMMO NYC

The clip is captioned: “This video is for drivers who want to continue driving their cars, despite freezing outside temperatures.

“We discuss 3 different, but somewhat similar, techniques for washing and maintaining your car during the sand and salt season.”

Method one

The motorist starts with his first piece of advice which is to wear warm clothes including gloves.

He says he likes to wear winter running gloves as they’re thin and he can fit latex gloves over the top for added insulation.

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He then advises drivers park their car in “any sun that may be available” and turn on front and rear defrosters.

He says for stage one he will use “frothe, aerator and a mixture of boost winter wash in the aerator to neutralise the salt build up.

He adds: “fill the aerator with 40 ounces of warm water, next, pour six capsules of frothe and two capsules of boost winter wash into the reservoir and gently stir.”

The driver then adds the mixture to all door jams and instructs to “gently agitate with a wheel brush and allow a few minutes for boost to penetrate any driving salt in these areas.”

He warns not to pump the aerator all the way, and just do a few pumps so the liquid “oozes” out.

The motorist then continues to spray the mixture on the outside of the vehicle and wipe it off with a microfibre towel, only letting the clean sides of the cloth touch the paint.

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He then repeats the same process with the wheels making sure he “cleans every corner” before he adds on a coat of wheel protector before removing it with a towel after a few minutes.

Method two

This method is similar to the first but uses a gallon of warm water.

The motorist says: “First add one capsule of frothy to your empty bucket, then add a gallon of warm water from your sink.

“Next throw four of five towels in the water.”

He then adds another layer of frothe on top of the towels and repeats the same cleaning process as the first method but wipes away the mixture with a wet towel before drying the vehicle.

The motorist adds that no rinsing is needed when using frothe.

Method three

This method uses the same techniques as the first two but incorporates a self serve car wash.

He arrives at the car wash and sprays his car with frothe before using a wheel wooly to “agitate the cleaner into the tight spots” of the wheels.

He then drives into the wash bay and says at this point their are two options.

To pull out the warm bucket of water and “scoop the frothe off” like in the previous methods, or to power wash it off.

He warns not to use the provided equipment.

He said: “Do not use the wand or the paint that comes out of it as it’s pretty much guaranteed to scratch your paint.”

He finishes by saying a mix of all three variations can sometimes be the most effective.

Viewers were quick to praise the motorist.

One wrote: “As someone who lives in Canada with basically 8 months of winter, this video will help me immensely in keeping my car clean.

“Keep up the great work, Larry! Your passion and love for detailing shines in every video (pun intended). Thank you for all you do!”

And another said: “You deserve every good thing that comes to you Larry, your knowledge and passion shines thorugh in every video. Thanks so much for all of the info you’ve put out over the years.”

The man showed three methods of cleaning in a YouTube video


The man showed three methods of cleaning in a YouTube videoCredit: AMMO NYC

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