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This exercise bike turns my pedaling into power to charge my phone — and I love it

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I’ve reviewed my fair share of smart exercise equipment over the last few years. From the best exercise bikes that simulate the ride outdoors to the personal trainer experience of smart fitness mirrors like the Lululemon Studio, there has been a big push for so-called “smart” home gym equipment the last few years. Yet, the biggest issue I have with all of them is that they function mainly with a paid subscription.

That’s why I’ve been using the LifeSpan Ampera Office Bike, which is unlike any other exercise bike I’ve used before. Not only can I ride it without the need of a subscription, but the Ampera Office Bike has one unique feature that sets it apart — the ability to charge my gadgets, all while I pedal. If I’m going to be exerting energy into a workout, I might as well transfer it into charging my phone. Am I right?

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