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Eric Bischoff Assesses Likelihood Of Fans Seeing Brock Lesnar In The Future – Wrestling Inc.

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After he was implicated in the sex trafficking lawsuit filed against Vince McMahon, it appears that Brock Lesnar’s ties to WWE are in the process of being cut. So far, Lesnar has reportedly been removed from WWE’s imminent creative plans as well as the cover art for the WWE 2K24 video game. Lesnar’s scheduled return at the 2024 Royal Rumble event was also scrapped. Given these recent developments, former WCW President Eric Bischoff has provided his assessment of the potential direction of Lesnar’s future in WWE.

“I think they’re doing everything they can to scrub them from the minds and memories of anybody associated with WWE. That [return] is not going to happen,” Bischoff said. “I sincerely doubt we’ll see him in the UFC anytime again. It’s the same company, same people that’s involved, so that’s not gonna happen. Barring something earth-shattering, which I don’t even think is possible, I don’t even have an imagination vivid enough to try to create a fictional scenario where this outcome is going to result in people saying ‘Sorry Brock, we jumped the gun. Come on back.’ That’s not gonna happen.”

When asked about the possibility of seeing Lesnar wrestle outside of WWE, Bischoff noted that he could see Lesnar potentially accepting a big offer to compete in Japan, but overall, Bischoff believes Lesnar isn’t particularly motivated to try resurrecting his wrestling career. Former WCW booker Kevin Sullivan recently expressed similar sentiments, echoing Bischoff’s belief that fans will more than likely never see “The Beast” in WWE again.

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