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WWE Wrestlers Who Were Caught Bizarrely Faking Their Accent – Wrestling Inc.

Following his big victory over Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35, Kofi Kingston took the WWE Championship to Ghana, as he was the first-ever African-born wrestler to win the richest prize in wrestling. During his trip to his homeland, he visited local villages, school children, and the country’s esteemed president, representing the country his was born in proudly. Why is all this relevant? Because up until 2009, WWE made people believe he was from Jamaica.

Kingston’s gimmick as a Jamaican-born wrestler actually began before his time in WWE, as he used the character on the indies, but when he debuted on the ECW brand in 2008, he was billed as the first-ever Jamaican to wrestle for WWE. Billed from Kingston, the future WWE Champion would talk about walking on beaches and swimming in the sea off the coast of his adopted home, complete with an authentic Jamaican accent that was actually convincing to people who didn’t know his background.

However, the accent slowly faded away, and by the end of 2009, he spoke with his normal speaking voice. This was something that Triple H was more than happy to point out in the lead-up to that year’s Survivor Series, as when Kingston took to the microphone to inspire his teammates, “The Game” asked him “aren’t you supposed to be Jamaican? What happened to your accent?” The accent never returned, and Kingston has gone on to achieve almost everything there is to achieve in WWE.

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