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WWE Hall Of Famer Bret Hart ‘Embarrassed’ He Thought So Highly Of Vince McMahon – Wrestling Inc.

As details of former WWE CEO Vince McMahon’s alleged misconduct continue to emerge, more and more performers within the industry are sharing their opinions on the matter, such as WWE’s own Seth Rollins. Speaking to Slate, former WWE Champion Bret Hart also spoke out, sharing his disgust at the claims.

“I’m going to speak my truth,” Hart said. “I’m not worried about Vince’s feelings. He’s never cared about mine.”

Hart said that he’s aware McMahon is getting “his head [kicked] around the parking lot,” as he put it, but the former WWE star doesn’t feel bad. According to Hart, he was made aware a few months ago that some disturbing allegations regarding McMahon were likely to come out soon. Upon reading the text messages from the lawsuit, Hart confirmed that they sounded like McMahon’s way of speaking, and stated that McMahon is only part of the problem.

“I don’t think this is the only incident of this kind of predatory behavior,” Hart continued. “I think you’ll find that it’s everywhere in [WWE].”

In the past, McMahon has used his money and power to largely stay out of trouble, with Hart stating that the former CEO was “the Teflon guy.” Hart acknowledged that McMahon had a massive impact on his career and that he once respected him because of that.

“Now it’s tainted,” Hart said. “I’m embarrassed that I thought so highly of him.”

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