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WWE Announces Partnership With X To Create ‘WWE Speed’ – Wrestling Inc.

In December, WWE filmed a pair of matches branded under the banner of “WWE Speed,” with the aim of showcasing talent in a five-minute time limit. The matches in question featured a combination of main roster and “WWE NXT” talent, as Cedric Alexander wrestled Axiom, while Nathan Frazer faced Bronson Reed. During Thursday’s WrestleMania XL Kickoff show, “WWE Raw” commentator Michael Cole delivered the news that the concept of “WWE Speed” will be officially put into motion this spring via the X (formerly Twitter) platform.

“‘WWE Speed’ is a new weekly video series showcasing up to 5-minute matches which will be distributed exclusively on X!” WWE confirmed on X. “Beginning Spring 2024, WWE and X will deliver the new format for high-paced timed matches showcasing your favorite WWE Superstars!”

While the finer details of this series have yet to present themselves, The Wrestling Observer previously reported that “WWE Speed” match winners will receive one point, whereas losers are docked one point. In the event of a time-limit draw, no points will be gained or taken away.

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