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Wrestling Inc.’s Dream Card For WWE WrestleMania XL – Wrestling Inc.

As for Ripley’s cohorts in The Judgment Day, our crew came up with a lot of options for that group heading into WrestleMania, mostly in tag team, six-man, or even eight-man scenarios. In fact, almost every individual participant had a different idea for a Judgment Day match. Some of us had Priest and Balor defending their tag titles against teams ranging from The Street Profits and The New Day to The Creed Brothers and DIY. One person split them all up into various singles matches; another person put them together against the superteam of Kevin Owens, LA Knight, Randy Orton, and R-Truth. One of our staffers even had Balor, Dominik, and McDonagh taking on Truth, The Miz … and Priest, who presumably turned babyface sometime before Mania.

That said, the only option that got multiple votes was Balor and Priest defending the tag titles against Truth and Miz, aka The Awesome Truth. This one seems pretty well telegraphed on “WWE Raw” at the moment — it makes complete sense in current storylines, with the only question being how they would realistically drag this thing out until April. Given the amazing work that Truth has done with The Judgment Day in recent weeks, he more than deserves to challenge for (and potentially win) a title at WrestleMania, and this match gives him that spot.

Of course, Priest also showed up a few other times on the margins of our ballots to cash in his briefcase on a champion, the most hilarious example of which was Priest beating Cody Rhodes immediately after he “finishes the story.”

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