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Usher’s Concert Ticket Drop Leads To Fan Anger Over High Prices And Sold Out Shows

Ticketmaster has a long history of upsetting the fanbases of major artists and Usher is among the newest. The booking company has one of the worst reputations in all of music for their massive fees added onto concert tickets and their poor handling of one major drop after another. That was notoriously the case last year when Taylor Swift’s eras tour used a complicated tiered system for dropping tickets that went very poorly. It famously even ended with legislation being considered in congress over the ticket selling company.

Now they’ve added a new incident to their rap sheet. That incident is their handling of Usher’s new tour. The R&B legend is having a big weekend to jumpstart a big 2024. He just released his new album Coming Home, his first new solo project since 2016 and his first new album of any kind since 2018. In just a few days he’ll be taking one of the largest stages in all of music when he performs at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. His highly anticipated performance is expected to have some notable guests and nonstop hits. He’s also taking his new album on tour later this year. But as tickets dropped earlier today, fans once again found themselves in a Ticketmaster mess.

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Fans Frustrated By Usher Tour Ticket Drop

There’s been a variety of complaints this morning from fans directed at Ticketmaster. Many apparently waiting in long queues only to find that once they got in there were already no more tickets. For those who were able to get to some kind of purchasing screen there were even more problems.

Once fans actually got in to purchase tickets they found prices hundreds of dollars more than they were anticipating and rising fast. Fans reported once fees were added finding tickets that cost upwards of $1200. The prices caused many fans to turn right back around without buying a ticket despite the queues they waited in. What do you think of the newest Ticketmaster fiasco surrounding Usher’s upcoming tour? Let us know in the comment section below.

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