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Unreleased Ashley Massaro Statement Accuses Vince McMahon Of Preying On WWE Wrestlers – Wrestling Inc.

Former WWE Superstar Ashley Massaro was one of more than 50 wrestlers to join a 2016 neurological injury lawsuit against WWE, in which Massaro claimed that she had sustained several concussions during her tenure in the company. Massaro also cited allegations of sexual assault stemming from a WWE tour of Kuwait, as well as abuse from former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. WWE has since denied any knowledge of Massaro’s accusations.

Prior to her untimely death in 2019, Massaro provided a series of statements to lawyers that were later translated into a sworn affidavit. On Friday, VICE News released one of Massaro’s previously unpublished statements, with Massaro accusing McMahon of preying on female WWE wrestlers. Massaro also said that she was punished for rejecting McMahon’s advances.

Following the release of her Playboy cover, Massaro claimed that McMahon attempted to “get [her] alone with him in his hotel room,” repeatedly calling her hotel room phone and her cell phone. In response, Massaro contacted former WWE production chief Kevin Dunn, who instructed her to tell McMahon that she was not feeling well. In the days following, Massaro said that McMahon began personally writing promos scripts for her “with the clear intention of ruining [her] career.”

“I brought the first script Vince wrote for me to the WWE employee in charge of Creative at the time, Michael Hayes, and he said, ‘you’re not saying this, who the [expletive] wrote this?’ and I told him that Vince did,” Massaro stated. “He said, ‘Well kid, these are the breaks,’ meaning that Vince wanted to end my career and destroy my reputation on my way out. He is known for this type of behavior and also did this to [REDACTED] upon her departure from WWE. In addition, after that night, each time I walk by him he would make vulgar sexual comments that were clearly designed to make me uncomfortable.”

Massaro isn’t the only former WWE employee to levy sexual allegations against McMahon in recent years. Last month, Janel Grant filed a 67-page lawsuit against Vince McMahon, WWE, and former WWE executive John Laurinitis outlining sex trafficking, sexual assault, and a myriad of other abuses. McMahon has denied these respective allegations. 

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