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Travis Kelce References Taylor Swift Lyric Change During Super Bowl Press Conference

Travis Kelce made reference to Taylor Swift’s Argentina concert lyric change when asked to “finish the lyric” at a Super Bowl press conference. When asked by a reporter to finish the lyric “Karma is the guy on the…”, Kelce said “Chiefs”. While some outlets reported this moment as Kelce getting the lyric wrong, he was actually making reference to the intentional change Swift made to the lyrics of the song for a concert last year.

Of course, Kelce was hit with a lot of questions about Swift, whose presence at the Super Bowl is in question due to her current tour schedule. Swift is performing in Tokyo until February 10, one day before the Super Bowl in Vegas. Swift and Kelce have been publicly together since Week 3 of the NFL season. However, Swift revealed during her TIME Person of the Year interview that they had been dating for at least a month before their first public outing.

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Brock Purdy Asked About Lee Harvey Oswald Resemblance

However, Kelce isn’t the only person getting non-football questions ahead of the Super Bowl. Brock Purdy addressed a meme circulating on social media that he looks like JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. When he was asked about the comparison, Purdy was not thrilled by it. The QB politely dismissed it during a media session ahead of the Super Bowl before moving on. The meme had gone viral throughout the week after someone announced that they had “finally figured out” who Brock Purdy reminded them of. While there is some similarity, it’s fairly fleeting. Furthermore, it’s not as apparent as, say, Ted Cruz’s resemblance to the Zodiac Killer.

However, given the expanded media access that comes with the Super Bowl every year, weird questions are now par for the course. Last year, Eagles coach Nick Sirianni which players he wouldn’t let his daughter date. Sirianni’s answer was that his daughter was four years old. While weird questions are now seen as part of the run-up, it never fails to annoy people. To many fans, and journalists, it points to too lax of a credentialing policy. Furthermore, there is now a trend of people trying too hard to go viral as the “weird question asker”.

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