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Magnum TA Recalls Conversation Dusty Rhodes Had With Him About WWE’s Charlotte Flair – Wrestling Inc.

Charlotte Flair is one of the most decorated women in wrestling today, and by the account of many, possibly one of the greatest of her generation. Wrestling legend Magnum TA recently appeared on “Under the Ring,” where he recalled Dusty Rhodes telling him about the difficulties Flair had developing her character. According to Magnum, Rhodes was helping the then-up-and-coming stars with their character work and notably coached Flair while she was dealing with her brother Reid’s death. 

“He was teaching these kids how to find themselves and I remember him talking about working with Ashley [Charlotte] when her brother had passed and helping her find her voice, and find her way to bring out that character.” Magnum continued, expressing how what Dusty did was not only admirable but something other mentors and coaches should follow. “That’s what a mentor/coach should be doing with these kids, just like he did to help them find their ways.”

He also stressed that it’s important for wrestlers to be able to legitimately portray their characters. “So that whatever it is that they’re portraying is not so far of a stretch that you can tell they’re uncomfortable in their own skin, and then it comes across in their delivery.” Flair is currently out of action due to an injury she sustained last December. Currently, there’s no word of when she’ll be back in the ring.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit “Under the Ring” and provide Wrestling Inc. with a h/t for the transcription.

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