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How £6 Dunelm find can make your car radio louder thanks to air-blocking

A SIMPLE and cheap trick can make your car radio louder and all you’ll need is a £6 Dunelm gadget.

Thanks to the gadget’s air-blocking bonus feature, your listening experience might get elevated.

You can make your radio louder with just a simple trick


You can make your radio louder with just a simple trickCredit: Getty
A £6 tape from Dunelm can help amplify the sound quality of your car


A £6 tape from Dunelm can help amplify the sound quality of your carCredit: Dunelm

This unexpected hack can improve the sound quality in your motor with just one step.

All you need to do is to seal the edges around your speakers.

The reason for that is the mounting panes on your car’s speakers that keep them in place.

When your speakers are in their mounting panes, air can get through the spaces in-between and distort the sound.

Check the locations of your speakers for any gaps, take the speaker out and cover the opening of the mount with gasket tape.

This will ensure that the speaker fits snugly.

Hopefully, there won’t be any more sound cancellation or passing air after you screw the speaker back in.

You can find that a rubber foam strip at Dunelm scanning for just £6 perfectly fulfils the purpose.

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Another tip is to use sound dampening mats to enhance the quality of sound and they are commonly accessible.

You can put them to the inside of the hood, the flooring, and the doors of your motor.

To prevent a fire hazard, just make sure the materials you use are made for cars, particularly if you intend to muffle the sound of your engine.

The easiest cost-free trick involves simply removing any loose items that are rattling around your speakers.

Be it spare change or wires, any unsecured objects might be messing with the sound quality.

But while you’re blasting your improved radio, make sure to still keep your ears peeled for any unusual noises – they might cost you thousands if ignored.

That strange noise might be a call for repair, and if left too late, it could see you fork out a few hundred quid.

We have compiled seven car noises that you should listen out for if you want to avoid extra costs.

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