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Former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson Looks Back On ‘Awkward’ & ‘Brutal’ Early Days Of Career – Wrestling Inc.

Despite never winning championship gold during her WWE career, Torrie Wilson was one of the biggest names of the “Divas Era” and a major fan-favorite. On “Insight with Chris Van Vliet,” Wilson recalled the difficulties she faced breaking into the wrestling industry and her experience “taking bumps.” Wilson notably got her start in wrestling with WCW, but admitted that this experience was nerve-wracking as she’s not a natural performer. Additionally, she expressed how her desire was always to at least make it seem like she knew what she was doing.

“The biggest thing that I was trying to dig for was pushing past that fear and looking like I know what I’m doing.” Following this, Wilson recalled how scary the backstage culture was for her at the time, and specifically recalled Scott Steiner yelling. Unfortunately, due to her being shy, she quickly began gaining heat for being seen as unfriendly. “I was so shy that I literally just wanted to slink away and hide, so I was getting heat for not being friendly but I just wanted to hide beneath a rock!”

Despite this experience, Wilson claims she never became comfortable in wrestling, ever around 2003 when she was heavily involved in onscreen storylines. Lastly, Wilson recalled being taken into WCW’s PowerPlant training facility along with Stacy Keibler, where they were harshly trained by Molly Holly and Madusa. “We were crying. We felt like we were in car wrecks. And I remember Madusa dropped me on my head on purpose — I didn’t understand how frustrating it was for them.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit “Insight with Chris Van Vliet” and provide a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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