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WWE NXT Ratings Report 2/6/2024 – Wrestling Inc.

The post-Vengeance Day episode of “WWE NXT” posted similar ratings to the previous week, with a slight gain in overall viewership and the key demographic.

WrestleNomics” has reported that the February 6, 2024 edition of “NXT” drew 650,000 viewers, which is a small increase from the 648,000 viewers of the previous week. The key 18-49 demographic saw a 6% rise, with a rating of 0.19, compared to 0.18 on the January 30 edition of the show. However, the average viewership of the last four weeks compared to this week was higher, with the February 6 edition experiencing a 4% and 1% decrease in overall and key demographic viewership, respectively.

The show started off strongly, with 703,000 viewers tuning in at the beginning, marking the highest viewership for the show when analyzing the quarter-hour numbers. It then peaked at the 9:00 PM slot as 683,000 viewers watched the Carmelo Hayes promo, where he explained the reason why he attacked Trick Williams at Vengeance Day. 

“NXT” Champion Ilja Dragunov’s promo and the interaction with Dijak which followed, and Chase U’s backstage segment, raked in 667,000 viewers. The main event, featuring the match between Dragunov and Dijak, along with Hayes’s subsequent attack to end the show, averaged 647,000 viewers. However, viewership dipped to 638,000 in the five-minute overrun.

The big story coming out of the Vengeance Day show was the Hayes heel turn, as he shockingly attacked his partner Trick Williams, who wasn’t present on this week’s “NXT.”

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