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Video: Carmelo Hayes Attacked Joe Gacy After WWE NXT Went Off The Air – Wrestling Inc.

Carmelo Hayes made himself an even more despised heel after this week’s “WWE NXT” as he attacked Joe Gacy after the show went off the air.

Gacy got himself involved in the main event of this past week’s “NXT” as he used a boxing glove to ambush Dijak, who was facing off against Ilja Dragunov in the main event of the show. Gacy crawled out from underneath the ring and hit his “NXT” Vengeance Day opponent with a joke boxing glove. The distraction allowed Dragunov to get the win, but former “NXT” Champion Hayes — who had turned heel at Vengeance Day — appeared and began to assault the NXT Champion, with him standing tall as “NXT” went off the air.

After the show went off the air, Gacy, celebrating with his boxing glove, was thrown into the barricade by Hayes. This intensified the fans’ animosity and anger towards him, and they warned him that his former tag team partner, Trick Williams, whom he turned against at Vengeance Day, would come after him soon.

On this week’s “NXT,” Hayes explained the reason for his betrayal of Williams, stating that Williams went against the agreement that they had previously agreed upon, wherein he would challenge the “NXT” Championship, while Williams would challenge for the North American title. He also added that Williams had begun to copy his mannerisms, and vowed to attack him again if he ever returns. Meanwhile, Gacy is likely to face retribution for his actions at the end of the show, as an irate Dijak was seen throwing things around backstage and promised to “give him some pain.”

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