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Turkey Leg Hut owner speaks after announcing temporary staff layoffs, co-owner also ousted

HOUSTON (KIAH) —The Turkey Leg Hut is undergoing major changes. The popular eatery announced its laying off six team members with plans to reinstate their employment after they sort out financial challenges.

In a statement issued to CW39, owner Nakia Holmes, formerly Price said the decision is a result of misappropriation of funds.

“After gaining strength from leaving an abusive marriage, I was subsequently made aware of potential financial mismanagement at my company. This prompted me to initiate a meticulous review with my new finance team. Unfortunately, we quickly uncovered financial discrepancies that demanded immediate action. This led to a temporary two-week payroll delay and the difficult decision to lay off six valued team members, promising their reemployment in late summer.”

Business owner Nakia Holmes

Lyndell Price, Holmes’ estranged husband posted and deleted a photo of an email he received that notified him that he was being fired and no longer allowed on the premises of the business for any reason.

“Dear Lyndell Price,

I am writing to you in my capacity as Senior Change Management Consultant at Key Synergies, currently engaged with Turkey Leg Hut. Following a comprehensive review of the company’s operations and financial status, we have been compelled to make several difficult decisions to safeguard the future viability and success of the business.

It is with regret that I must inform you that your employment with Turkey Leg Hut is being terminated, effective immediately. This decision has been reached in the context of an extensive restructuring effort necessitated by the company’s imperative need to align operational costs with our financial realities and strategic objectives.

While it is never easy to part ways with a member of our team, it is important for you to understand that this termination is a consequence of both the economic challenges faced by the company and an assessment of our staffing needs and contributions. The chief among these considerations is the financial restructuring currently underway.

Please be advised that as of the date of this letter, you will no longer be permitted on the premises of Turkey Leg Hut for any purpose. This policy is consistent with standard procedures following an employment termination, aimed at ensuring the ongoing safety and security of our staff and facilities.

Your final paycheck, including any accrued wages and entitlements, will be processed in accordance with state labor laws. For any inquiries regarding this matter or further details related to your termination, please feel free to contact me directly.

We wish to acknowledge your time with Turkey Leg Hut and wish you the best in your future endeavors,” said Carmen Key, Senior Change Management Consultant for Turkey Leg Hut wrote in the now deleted email.

Price and Holmes founded the Turkey Leg Hut together and are currently going through a public divorce. Late last year, Holmes took to her Instagram to announce she was leaving Price after she claimed he was abusive in their marriage.

“l’ve been quiet for sooo long and I can no longer hold my silence. This war, that l’ve been fighting behind closed doors, all the while pretending to the world that every thing is perfect, is too much to bear. I am living in hell on earth. The abuse, the manipulation, the lies, the deceit, the gaslighting and narcissism have become unbearable. The world thinks he’s a man who stands on business, but y’all are sadly mistaken. The man that me and my children know is cruel, abusive emotionally and mentally and completely void of any emotion. From the time we wake up, til the time we close our eyes each night, we are literally in a fight for our peace and sanity. I can admit that l’ve played my part in hindering and hiding his behavior, but TODAY, I’m finally choosing me. I’ll die behind this truth and I’ll lose everything to finally have peace. I brought light to his life, while he came into mine to destroy not only me, but all who love me. I’m finally closing this chapter, but I know the battle is about to commence and I’m ready. I know after I win this war, I’ll FINALLY have my peace. There are so many more chapters to my story, but this one is officially closed. I’m going to need all the support I can get, but I also know that God has me,” Holmes wrote in her post.

In Holmes statement about the layoffs, she said two additional employees were permanently let go after they were found complicit in “financial misconduct”.

“Our immediate plan is to address the two-week back pay promptly and continue on the path to ensuring The Turkey Leg Hut is celebrated not just for our nationally known cuisine but also for our exemplary business practices, cementing our commitment to a stronger, more cohesive future,” said Holmes.

Since the announcement there have been reports swirling that Turkey Leg Hut employees haven’t been paid in months, however CW39 Houston was not able to confirm those claims.

“The Turkey Leg Hut is navigating a pivotal moment of transformation, necessitating difficult decisions. I apologize to my employees who felt the blows. My hope is to invite them back once we have fully recovered, Holmes wrote. “Ultimately, in my commitment to taking control of my destiny, I anticipated backlash. Nonetheless, despite the challenges encountered, I’m trusting God and standing on business.”

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