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Successful launch of NASA’s PACE spacecraft

Here is a comparison of the new satellite to a school bus! Check in on the (PACE) mission real time at

HOUSTON (CW39) – Early this morning Space X and NASA completed the launch of the new (PACE) satellite after having to double delay due to the weather at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Three-quarters of our home planet is covered by water, and PACE’s advanced instruments will provide new ways to measure the distributions of microscopic algae known as phytoplankton near the ocean’s surface.

Those observations will enhance our understanding of the crucial exchange of CO2 between the ocean and atmosphere. Information collected throughout PACE’s mission will benefit society in the areas of ocean health, harmful algal bloom monitoring, ecological forecasting, and air quality.

The PACE’s mission is designed to last at least three years, though the spacecraft is loaded with enough propellant to expand that timeline more than three times as long. 

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