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Jake Paul drops $200k on private jet to see girlfriend compete in Utah

Jake Paul spent $200,000 on a private jet for a surprise trip to see his girlfriend Jutta Leerdam.

On March 2, Paul will continue his boxing journey by taking on Ryan Bourtland (17-2) in Puerto Rico for the co-main event of Amanda Serrano vs. Nina Meinke. Less than a month before showtime, ‘The Problem Child’ is ramping up his training camp to potentially extend his record to 9-1.

Training for a fight requires a lot of sacrifice, including time away from loved ones. When it comes to Paul, the YouTuber-turned-fighter has endured added difficulties, as his girlfriend, Jutta Leerdam, is a professional speed skater constantly training and competing.

‘The Problem Child’ recently posted a vlog on Twitter, and the video started with him considering traveling to meet his girlfriend on short notice to watch her race. To do so, Paul had to book a $200,000 private jet, about which he had to say:

“I have a super tight schedule, but I do want to fly to see Jutta [Leerdam] and surprise her at her race this weekend, but I am in [boxing] camp, so I really shouldn’t go.

“It’s obviously a private jet there and back to Utah where she is. It’s like a lot going out of the way. It’s not in the travel plans. So, basically this is like a $200,000 coin flip for whether or not I see Jutta. If it’s tails, I go see her. If it’s heads, we go back to Puerto Rico and no one will ever see this content.”

Luckily for Jutta Leerdam, Jake Paul flipped the coin, and it landed on tails. As a result, he booked the private jet and traveled to Utah to surprise her for her speed skating race.

Watch Jake Paul’s recent vlog below:

Jake Paul plans to donate entire fight purse to his non-profit organization called Boxing Bullies

Jake Paul’s upcoming boxing match is similar to his last against Andre August. Instead of fighting a well-known opponent, Paul is gaining experience by taking on lesser-known opposition to focus on gaining experience for a future world title fight.

During a recent Instagram post, Paul had this to say about donating his fight purse:

“The goal is simple, build the skillset to become world champion. Next up is a guy who has twice as many professional fights under his belt than I do….On Saturday, March 2 as co-main to the Puerto Rican GOAT, Amanda Serrano, I’m fighting for experience, and to show my love to the island I call home I’ll be donating my entire fight purse to my nonprofit Boxing Bullies to help renovate gyms across 🇵🇷 .”

Per usual, Jake Paul has received criticism for his upcoming boxing opponent. Despite holding a 17-2 record, Ryan Bourland has been questioned by fans as he’s fought once in the last six years. With that said, Paul has made it clear that he intends to gain experience and progress in boxing.

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