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Gran Turismo 7 Gets Official D-BOX Motion Rig Support

Gran Turismo 7 has been quietly listed as an officially supported title in the D-BOX Plus Catalogue, bringing full motion compatibility to the game when used with D-BOX actuators. It was added to the catalogue on January 24, 2024, around the same time as GT7 update 1.42 was released to the public.

The game was first spotted working with D-BOX hardware nine months ago at CinemaCon, where driving rigs were made available to attendees to promote the Gran Turismo feature film. The custom GT-branded driving rigs, which have been used at various North American events for over a decade now, were sitting atop what appeared to be D-BOX HF-L4 platforms.

Unlike other fully integrated motion rigs, D-BOX platforms are just that — platforms — and can be used with a variety of rigs and seats as a result. The platforms are compatible with any of the thousands of movies or games in the D-BOX Plus Catalogue, available to D-BOX customers via annual subscription.

Gran Turismo 7 joins other noteworthy titles with D-BOX support, including Forza Motorsport, EA Sports WRC, iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizione, and more.

GT7 appears to be the only compatible game which runs exclusively on PlayStation game consoles. The other titles are all PC-based and use D-BOX software to send motion data to the platform, so it’s likely a PC is still required to be connected in some form. Currently, no documentation has been made public to explain how the system works with Gran Turismo 7.

Gran Turismo custom driving rigs on D-BOX platforms. Photo on X by Daniel Howat (@howatdk)

Traditionally, motion simulator support in Gran Turismo games has been extremely rare.

That all changed with GT7 in July 2022, when a GTPlanet user discovered how to access the game’s telemetry data and shared the information with the community here in our forums. This made it much easier to get motion rigs and third-party apps and tools working with the game’s data, though officially-branded support with partners like D-BOX has remained virtually non-existent.

Despite this most recent development, PlayStation and Polyphony Digital remain quiet on Gran Turismo 7’s compatibility with any haptic motion technology. Even now, the title’s addition to the D-BOX catalogue was not accompanied by any announcement or press release, flying under the radar until it was spotted by GTPlanet user Raketenmann.

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