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Child tax credits could be expanding soon; here’s what you need to know

HOUSTON (KIAH) — Recently, a bipartisan bill that would expand child tax credits passed in the U.S. House, but it will still need to go to the Senate passage in order to go into effect.

If it passes, millions of families and children will get a fresh start. Currently, the law states that eligible families can receive up to a $2,000 tax credit for each child, however every family does not get the full amount.

If the credit expands, payments will increase for families that meet the minimum income threshold by increasing the two thousand dollar per child maximum credit. The payments will allow families to spend the extra money on food, childcare and other needs. Director of No Child Hungry Texas, Stacie Sanchez Hare says that these changes are huge for struggling families and their survival in today’s economy.

Director for No Kid Hungry Texas, Stacie Sanchez Hare says, “we know that this policy change will have a greater impact on black and latino families as well that make a disproportionate share of Texans that experience food insecurity because of historic discrimination and the lack of opportunities.”

Sanchez says that No Kid Hungry Texas is encouraging Texans to reach out to their senators to pass this important expansion to the child tax credit to help improve family lives.

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