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AEW’s Ortiz Discusses Pandemic Depression, Battle To Get In Better Shape – Wrestling Inc.

Ortiz has gone through a rollercoaster journey in wrestling since joining AEW, both in and out of the ring, but one of the toughest times for him was during the COVID-19 pandemic, as he dealt with personal challenges and admitted to being depressed at the time. “This was height of the pandemic, I gained weight,” he told “Isiah Kassidy.” “I was just sitting home two or three months, and I was just eating ice cream every night. I gained a lot of weight, I blew up super fast and at that time I didn’t realize I was depressed. I was still doing and socializing, but my habits had me in a rut and also mentally I was feeling sorry for myself.” 

Since then, he and former partner Santana had a personal fallout leading to them no longer working together onscreen, and it was during this time that Ortiz admitted to seeing the writing on the wall when it came to that partnership. That proved to be a catalyst for him to change, as he didn’t want to simply just feel sorry for himself. It led to him battling to get back into shape, even hiring a nutritionist as he wanted to try and be the best wrestler ever. He now wants to be ready so he doesn’t have to get ready as he embarks on a career as a singles wrestler.

“One of my biggest regrets was if I had the mentality that I have now, if I was in the type of shape that I was now I could have taken advantage of those opportunities,” Ortiz said. “But, instead of me looking back and looking in that regret, I know I’m going to have further opportunities.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit “Isiah Kassidy” with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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