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WATCH: South Africa’s president Cyril Ramaphosa calls Tyla to celebrate Grammy win

South Africa has celebrated several major wins spanning the last few months, with local pop/amapiano sensation, Tyla Seethal, becoming another reason to celebrate as the 22-year-old Johannesburg-born star has won her first-ever Grammy on Sunday morning. 

Even South Africa’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa, is chuffed with Tyla’s international win, taking time to give the global star a call to share his congratulations and pride in her Grammy success following the hit song, Water.

A video posted by NewsNexusSA on TikTok shares the conversation between the president and Tyla, where he thanks the star for keeping the country on the map following its recent global success streak.

‘You know you’ve made me and all of us so proud. It’s phenomenal. You have lifted all of us. Our mood is much better, you have put South Africa on the map. We are on the map once again. We were on the map with rugby and then with football, getting into the semi-finals, and you became the cherry on top.” says Cyril, joking:

“Absolute sweet cherry on top with a watery taste”

Cyril then goes on to laud Tyla for her hit song, adding hat he has memorised her world-famous dance, and that he plans to bust a move with her when she returns home.

“I’ve been enjoying Water so much, I was telling people that I’ve memorised it and they were so envious. They were saying I should share the moves and the dance…I said I’ll show you the full dance when Tyla is back, then I can dance with her.” joked Cyril.

Tyla, lapping up the presidential compliments, thanked Cyril for his kind words.

“We’re so proud of you, and I’m so happy for you. You are such a talented artist. It’s amazing for the world to also recognise you.It’s not easy to win a Grammy award, and you got one. It’s one of many to come, I’m sure about that.”

Cyril ends by congratulating the Grammy-winning star on behalf of the country:

“I wanted to congratulate you, on behalf of all of us in South Africa. Now the world is your oyster. Go out and conquer [it] on our behalf. Well done Tyla.”


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Feature Images: Captured from a video posted by NewsNexusSA.

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