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Taking Our Lumps Or A Victory Lap: Wrestling Inc’s NXT Vengeance Day 2024 Report Card – Wrestling Inc.

Others receiving votes: Roxanne Perez [6]

Here we have another one split nearly down the middle, which was no surprise to most of us when our predictions were published. But in wrestling, we love surprises, right? So when someone else’s music hit midway through this match, surely, most everyone excitedly thought, “Boy, howdy! What have we here?” The problem lies in the moment you recognized it as Lola Vice’s music — and that’s no slight to the 2023 NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament winner, who has been a nice addition to the women’s division with her unique flavor of sport entertainment, complete with an MMA background, a great look, and a sultry presentation, dance moves and all. But someone should have talked to her about strategy, like, a little, since turning in the guaranteed title shot you worked so hard for just to make an in-progress championship match into a triple threat makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Cash in when the match is over, no matter who wins, as surely they’ll be beat up and gassed from what they’d just gone through. Cash in when someone’s visibly hobbled during a promo. Dirty, sure, but all’s fair in love and wrestling, and taking advantage of an opportunity is precisely what these cash-ins are supposed to be about. Or hell, cash in politely if you must, respectfully challenging whichever champion you want for an agreed upon date and time. At least that would be one-on-one and not a triple threat, where the odds are more difficult for everyone and you don’t even need to be pinned to lose!

Anyway, all’s well that ends well, and if you’re gonna cash in like this, you deserve to lose. As for the predictions, our majority got this one right as well, with Lyra retaining after Tatum Paxley took out Roxanne Perez to give the champ a clear path to victory, planting Vice with a Nightwish for the 1-2-3. And hey, now we get a Vice/Perez feud, though there were a thousand ways to get to that outside of a wasted opportunity.

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