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Matt Riddle Explains One Benefit Of Being Gone From WWE – Wrestling Inc.

Matt Riddle was released from WWE in September, following the finalization of WWE’s merger with UFC, forming TKO Group Holdings. At the time, Riddle was the center of controversy, having reportedly burned bridges and even ending up in an investigation over his behavior at JFK International Airport following a WWE Live Event in India.

In a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, Riddle said that he’s dove into the free agency feet first.

“I’m starting 2024 out hot. It’s been good. Did MLW, bunch of signings in [New York City], and then the following week wrestled for New Japan, made my New Japan debut, got to wrestle Zack Sabre [Jr.] again … Jeff Cobb, the Chosen Bros were reunited,” Riddle recounted. 

The former WWE United States Champion also worked in Tijuana for Crash Lucha for the first time in six years. Following his recent debut alongside Cobb, Riddle is set to face NJPW World TV Champion and president of the company, Hiroshi Tanahashi, at the forthcoming NJPW New Beginning In Sapporo on February 23.

“I’m not as busy [as I was in WWE],” Riddle said, noting that he’s wrestling much less and his busy schedule is much more attuned to what works for him as opposed to any one company. 

Riddle is even optimistic about his chances of returning to WWE somewhere down the line, citing the return of the divisive former WWE and AEW Champion CM Punk, who returned to the company after nearly a decade at Survivor Series in November 2023.

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