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Lil Jon Announces Guided Meditation Album

If Lil Jon’s career is defined by anything, it’s energy. From his shouted demeanor to his infectious adlibs almost everything he’s done in his career so far is about getting hype. But that could change later this month when he pivots to a VERY different kind of project. According to TMZ, the rapper is working on a guided meditation album. They report that Jon has been focusing on wellness and physical fitness in his personal life for a while now. As a result, he’s aiming to spread those good vibes to others through his new music.

While they don’t confirm a name for the upcoming project there are some more details available. The album will reportedly have 10 tracks and fans will get the chance to hear it on February 16. As TMZ notes, the timing doesn’t seem entirely coincidental. This weekend Usher will perform during the Super Bowl Halftime Show, prior to which he’ll release a new album of his own. Many have suspected the Usher will play one of the biggest hits of his career, “Yeah!” The song features both Lil Jon and Ludacris and MANY fans have suspected that the pair could make a surprise appearance.

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Lil Jon’s Surprising New Direction

Lil Jon’s pivot from his more familiar genre of rap music into something entirely different reminds fans of another recent surprise. Last year Andre 3000 returned with his debut solo album. But to the surprise of many, the album he announced was an ambient jazz project with “no bars.” And when the project was released it lived up to that promise. The project is made up of long ambient compositions predominately featuring 3k playing his flute.

When the album does drop it will be Lil Jon’s first new studio album is well over a decade since 2010’s Crunk Rock. What do you think of Lil Jon releasing a guided meditation album? Do you plan on listening to the project when it drops? Let us know in the comments below.

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