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Backstage Update On NJPW/STARDOM Star Giulia Potentially Signing With WWE – Wrestling Inc.

NJPW Strong Women’s Champion Giulia has been rumored to be heading to WWE for a number of months, and a recent report has disclosed when she could potentially join the promotion. The STARDOM wrestler’s contract is set to expire in March, and she will remain in her homeland at least for the immediate future.

A big piece of news coming out of STARDOM this week was the departure of the company’s founder Rossy Ogawa, who was fired on February 4 for allegedly trying to poach talent for a new promotion is intends to form later this year, with a number of the STARDOM roster expected to follow him out of loyalty. According to Dave Meltzer on “Wrestling Observer Radio,” Giulia will be one of those stars. 

“The reason that she is delaying her WWE start is so she can, at least, be there to kick off the promotion for a while and get the promotion going, and then she is going to end up with WWE at some point,” said Meltzer. “But when WWE was interested in her, she basically gave her word she would help him start out and that’s what she’s going to do. She’s actually postponing her WWE debut because she had given her word.”

STARDOM’s president Tao Okada will assume the role of booker in Ogawa’s absence, but it is unclear how many stars he will have to work with. Like Giulia, several STARDOM wrestlers’ contracts will expire in March, with only IWGP Women’s Champion Mayu Iwatani having one that goes past the end of the month. If Ogawa were to manufacture some sort of exodus, it would be reminiscent of the number of times groups of talent have left All Japan Pro Wrestling, with companies like Super World of Sport, Wrestle1, and Pro Wrestling NOAH all coming as a result of mass exoduses. 

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