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Asda shoppers going wild over Ninja air fryer slashed to £55 from £220

ASDA shoppers have been rushing to buy a Ninja air fryer slashed to £55 from £220.

One customer was ecstatic after spotting the popular 7.6L Dual Zone air fryer at the bargain retailer.

One lucky shopper picked up a Ninja air fryer for an absolute bargain


One lucky shopper picked up a Ninja air fryer for an absolute bargainCredit: Facebook
He made huge savings after nabbing the item for £54.99


He made huge savings after nabbing the item for £54.99Credit: Facebook

The savvy shopper was thrilled with his buy and quickly took to social media to show off his loot.

Taking to the Facebook group, Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, he revealed he picked up two “right proper bargains” in his local Asda.

Along with pictures of the goods, he said: “Ninja Air Dual Zone Air Fryer for £54.99 – usually £219.99).

“Nothing wrong with it. I ripped the box whilst opening it.”

He also managed to pick up another air fryer for a decent price.

Both items were found in the Asda Filton in Bristol.

The shopper continued: “Salter Dual Zone Air fryer for£24.77 (usually £50 apparently, although I suspect it’s more). Once again nothing wrong with it.

“They had other ones also reduced but didn’t want those.

“Just before anyone asks why I bought 2, the salter one is for my in laws (keeps me in their good books).”

He told other keen shoppers they were located near the back of the store in the cages full of reduced items.

The poster added that other air fryers were on offer but he managed to nab the last Ninja product.

Many viewers tagged their friends to let them know about the incredible deal.

You don’t need to walk into a store to get the air fryer but stock may vary so it’s worth checking ahead.

What is an air fryer?

An air fryer allows users to be able to cook even more healthier, convenient foods at the same time, and in half the time of a standard fan oven.

Best of all, you can sync the finishing times using the digital timer so that individual foods in each basket are ready to be served at the same time.

And if you’re opting for healthy versions of your favourite foods, an air fryer is the way to do it as you’ll use 75% less fat than other cooking methods.

We put the must-have air fryer to the test, so you don’t have to, in our Ninja air fryer review.

Check out this guide compiled of the 14 best air fryers to buy in the UK right now.

How much do they cost to run?

As the cost of living continues to rise in the UK, air fryers are a popular alternative to conventional ovens because of their energy efficiency and low running costs.

Using an air fryer instead of a conventional oven is a much cheaper way to cook.

A two-kilowatt oven costs around 29p to run for half an hour, or 58p for an hour’s use.

But you could run a 1,000W air fryer for an hour for 29p less.

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